Avalanche Autumn and Avalanche Rush has officially begun with $650+ Million in incentives, the largest DeFi Blue Chip protocols launching on Avalanche, Coinbase listing, cheaper fees, tech upgrades and we are just barely scratching the surface of its potential and with so much to look forward to in the coming…

What is Avalanche?

Avalanche is a platform of platforms, ultimately consisting of thousands of subnets to form a heterogeneous interoperable network of many blockchains, that takes advantage of the revolutionary Avalanche Consensus protocols to provide a secure, globally distributed, interoperable and trustless framework offering unprecedented decentralisation whilst being able to comply with regulatory…


DLT Enthusiast and Writer. Interoperability is key for DLT to achieve its true potential. Avalanche $AVAX, Injective Protocol $INJ and Quant $QNT

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