Avalanche Looks Set for Exponential Growth with Subnets, Enterprise Partnerships, Defi Blue Chips, Avalanche V2, Bridges to Other Ecosystems, Exchange Listings And More

Avalanche Bridge

See the full video on Avalanche from The Defiant here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Mc_xhjsjFg

Bridges to new ecosystems

Snowman ++ Technology update and cheaper fees


If you thought the growth of Avalanche was staggering with just the C-Chain, then the network effects when there are thousands of customised blockchains built on Avalanche and all interoperable will be profound

Avalanche V2

Enterprise Adoption and Upcoming Partnerships

  • Specialises in the fractionalize and sale assets that correspond to real estate, where validators have to store archive records off chain for the property.
  • For very high-performance applications a subnet could require validators to require large amounts of RAM or CPU power for applications needing 10,000 + tps
  • Private subnets similar to enterprise blockchains such as JP Morgan’s Quorum, R3’s Corda and Hyperledger where access is restricted and the contents of the blockchains only visible to those participants.
  • Existing blockchains can port their state over to Avalanche and use its consensus mechanism for faster performance, finality and increased security. So blockchains such as Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic could each have their own subnet and utilise POS, using their own token as stake.
  • Successfully completed proof-of-concept to replace a Fortune 250 SaaS company’s blockchain efforts with an Avalanche blockchain-as-a-service deployment.
  • Tokenization of alternative asset shares and Development of a tokenization arm offering custody and management of third parties’ funds for a $150 Billion+ Asset management Firm
  • Tokenization of gold on a permissioned blockchain network between financial institutions and to support regulatory compliant privacy scheme for a Regional Commercial Bank

Securitize, $14 Trillion Private Capital Markets coming to Avalanche

Initial Litigation Offerings (ILOs), a New $10 Billion+ Asset Class Coming to Avalanche

ReTok, bringing the $280 Trillion Real Estate Market to Avalanche

Avalanche Wallet Overhaul

Coinbase Listing and further Exchange listings for the Avalanche Ecosystem

Avalanche Ecosystem and upcoming projects



Trader Joe





Kalao, The Premier NFT Marketplace and Metaverse Experience is launching on Avalanche

Promotional video from the Avalaunch IDO https://avalaunch.app/

Hurricane Swap, the first decentralized cross-chain swap built on the Avalanche

Promotional video from the Avalaunch IDO https://avalaunch.app/

RocoFinance, The First MMORPG on Avalanche, Upcoming IDO on Avalaunch

Hubble, The First Multi-Collateral, Cross-Margined Perpetual Futures Protocol on Avalanche

  • Trade perps while maintaining full exposure to your favorite coins — Use multiple coins like BTC, ETH, USDC, etc as collateral
  • Cross-Margining — Automatically utilize PnL from one position to either offset losses to increase leverage in other positions.
  • vAMM based on the CurveCrypto invariant. Crypto pools use liquidity more effectively by concentrating most of it at current prices. As trades happen, the vAMM automatically moves the mark price in the highest liquidity region without creating losses for the virtual pool. This pool is expected to do much better than vAMMs based on the constant product curve.
  • Tokenizing perpetual positions so that they can be utilized in other DeFi protocols. As perpetual contracts become increasingly popular, composability will open up entirely new use cases in Defi. e.g. Use your profitable perps position as collateral on lending platforms.

Dexalot, the First On-Chain Central Limit Order Book DEX Is About to Launch on Avalanche

Avalanche Rush — 650 Million+ in Incentives and This Is Just Phase 1 of a Multi-Year Program!



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