Cosmos — an early in-depth analysis at the ecosystem of connected blockchains — Part Two

Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 ISP’s

Today the Internet can be thought of as a giant network of interconnected networks using the same communication protocol — Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). At the core of the Internet is an ultra-fast global optical Internet backbone.

Why is this relevant?

Cosmos also follows a hub and spoke topology and so once Cosmos starts to scale to thousands of blockchains etc, it’s likely there will also be similar topology with Tier 1 Hubs mainly connecting to other Tier 1 Hubs as well as Tier 2 hubs. These need to be the most secure Hubs and provide the backbone as well as connecting to high traffic zones such as say a DEX for example which all other zones will want to use. These Tier 1 Hubs are the 3 hubs represented in the dark blue shade in the middle in the diagram below.

Multiple hops

When you connect to a web page you don’t directly connect to it, you will go across many paths through numerous of the Tier ISP’s mentioned previously. you can see this for yourself if by opening “Command Prompt” and typing “tracert” to see the route it takes to get to the website and latency involved. (in the example below, it took 20 Hops with a total latency of around 42 milliseconds)

Token Transfers Across Multiple Routes

In the example below say Zone 2 is a DEX and want to send Token “A” from Zone 1 to the DEX (Zone 2)

Peg Zones

To be able to connect to Blockchains that have probabilistic finality such as POW with Bitcoin and Ethereum etc as well as any other blockchain (including those that have immediate finality that doesn’t implement the IBC protocol) a Peg Zone is required to connect them to the Cosmos ecosystem

Sources for research / Useful Links

As always do your own research, but hopefully this will give a better understanding of the project, and you can see some of the sources i used whilst researching below so you can find out more for each. I have provided my opinions on the advantages of Cosmos, and any potential issues that i have raised I have provided links to where they have been discussed at Presentations. I am familiar with Overledger which is why i have suggested that as a solution to some of the potential issues raised and that both projects would complement each other nicely.



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