The Avalanche Ecosystem is rapidly expanding — Private Securities, ILOs, DEX’s, Synthetics, Stablecoins, Prediction Markets, and more, and all just 4 months since the launch of mainnet.


“Integrating with Avalanche gives Securitize issuers and their investors seamless access to the latest blockchain technology while demonstrating our commitment to re-inventing private capital markets with proven, trusted technology solutions that are driving our industry towards an inevitable tipping point of mass adoption.”

— Carlos Domingo, Securitize CEO & Co-Founder

Initial Litigation Offerings

“ILOs are a breakthrough for both individuals lacking the resources to seek remediation, and for retail investors who are often locked out of the most highly-performant asset classes. They are fundamentally unique from any other investments, and the creation of the ILO marks the first time blockchain technology will be used to democratize financial products at a multi billion-dollar scale.” — Kevin Sekniqi, Ava Labs


Airdrop to UNI and SUSHI Holders

Polyient Games

Blockchain Game Alliance

Arrow Decentralised Financial Markets (DFMs)


Why Prosper is building on Avalanche

“Currently, Avalanche is one of the biggest, most reputable players in the blockchain solutions market. Besides two consensus mechanisms, subnets, and various virtual machines (VM) support, which are important for proper product operation, it also has one of the biggest and most active communities in the entire crypto space.” — Iva Wisher Co-Founder of

  1. Performance: over 4,500 tx/sec with transaction finality of less than a second
  2. Easy to integrate: Avalanche supports the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which simplifies and accelerates our integration process
  3. Community: Avalanche has a vibrant and engaged community of developers, users, and supporters for using retail trading products such as Prosper


Avalanche-Ethereum Bridge


This is just the beginning



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