Why I’m Bullish On Avalanche, Injective and Quant

This article contains some of the recent Twitter threads for each Avalanche, Injective, and Quant to make it easier to read, share, and refer back to. I encourage everyone to have a look at each of these amazing projects, but the article is split and ordered in alphabetical order for the 3 projects if required.


3/ The program has barely started yet Incentives used: Less than $1 Million Incentives to go: $469 Million $AVAX Price: 3x in 3 weeks With Many DeFi Blue Chips soon to go live








and more to follow

4/ The incentives are based off 10 Million #AVAX. As the price of $AVAX increases so too does the incentives value. There could be billions of dollars’ worth of incentives available by the end of year as the price of AVAX increases, and this is just phase 1 of #AvalancheRush

9/ Kalao will be unlocking the full potential of the metaverse on Avalanche with its combination of NFT, VR technology and real world use cases and Avalanche will also be releasing an NFT SDK to further grow the rapidly expanding NFT market.

11/ The first government will publicly be using Avalanche for the digital certification of its legislative documentation as well as working with GenoBank to verify COVID test result authenticity and COVID-19 Traveller Passports

21/Avalanche is far bigger than just the C-Chain running the EVM, there will be 1000’s of highly customisable blockchains running on Avalanche with support for any custom VM that benefit from the revolutionary Avalanche consensus and being able to interoperate for network effects

24/ This is just the beginning of what will be an incredible journey. Avalanche is pushing the entire space forward with their revolutionary consensus & platform of platforms and looks set for incredible growth with the huge incentives

Look at the article below to see some of the exciting things due Q4 2021!

1/ Avalanche isn’t yet another over-hyped, centralised blockchain with no innovation #Avalanche is the only consensus that can scale the active validator set whilst also offering visa-level throughput, sub second finality and unparalleled decentralisation

2/ Avalanche is a highly customisable Layer 0 heterogeneous platform of platforms, enabling an unlimited amount of blockchains to be built on top, with support not just for the EVM, but for any custom VM whilst using the revolutionary Avalanche consensus.

3/ Allowing projects from any blockchain to ultimately be easily ported over & benefit from the performance, decentralisation, and customisation Avalanche offers, whilst integrating with existing tooling and appealing to developers who want to use certain smart contract languages

4/ Whether that be


building a DOGE subnet, integrating the Doge VM, swapping out the legacy consensus & energy consuming PoW for visa-level throughput, sub second finality, secure, decentralised and extremely energy efficient platform.

6/ Other blockchains that previously have sarcificed decentralisation and even security for performance can also integrate and swap out their consensus for Avalanche, whilst being interoperable with all the other subnets creating incredible network effects

7/ Being a leaderless blockchain, not limited to a small no. of validators, combined with sub second finality offers strong MEV resistance compared to other platforms. So not only do you benefit from cheap fees and a decentralised secure network but also don’t get front run.

8/ $AVAX is a fixed capped supply token like $BTC which creates scarcity and won’t suffer from the continuous dilution through inflation like other staking platforms.

8/Transaction fees across all the blockchains in the Primary network, fees for creating and minting of assets, creation of blockchains and the creation of subnets are all paid in #AVAX which are burned, reducing total supply. $1.2 Million has been burned in the last 2 weeks alone

There is so much happening on all fronts, from lots of upgrades to the tech, new vastly improved bridge, dynamic fees bringing cost of transactions down, so many important lego pieces all coming online, innovative new projects as well as blue chip DeFi protocols launching on Avalanche and now all fueled with $480 million in incentives, creating incredible positive feedback loops and there is still so much to look forward to as well. To think this is just one subnet, think of the network effects when there are thousands of subnets, with enterprises, DeFi, governments and the $100’s of trillions in traditional finance all able to interoperate, and use a consensus that can scale without sacrificing the most important thing, decentralisation


2/ TerraUSD $UST is an algorithmic stablecoin which aims to achieve price-stability by algorithmically adjusting its supply according to fluctuations in demand. Rather than try to explain it over many tweets the video below gives an overview

3/ In basic terms of whats good for $LUNA Price:

Strong UST demand = More $LUNA burned = Higher $LUNA Price

Fall in UST demand = More $LUNA minted = Lower $LUNA Price

4/ Thus an entire economy has been created to drive demand for UST through Mirror Protocol, Anchor Protocol, Alice Finance and more, as well as expanding $UST to other blockchains, which in turn will benefit $LUNA holders creating positive feedback loops.

5/ Currently however the vast majority of $LUNA isn’t actually being burned but more temporarily taken out of circulating supply and then being redistributed to be used for community growth fund (to create more demand for UST) as well as Oracle and Staking rewards.

6/ Total supply of LUNA has decreased from 1 Billion to around 996 Million with over $2 Billion $UST created. However in the upcoming Columbus 5 update this process will change and going forward 100% of the $LUNA used in the swap will be burned, decreasing the supply much faster.

7/You also have to consider what happens in reverse market conditions as well though, as seen with the recent price of UST falling at times to as low as $0.92 resulting in significant amounts of LUNA being introduced into circulating supply and thus negatively effecting the price

8/ But importantly it still managed to maintain its peg despite adverse market conditions. With increased UST adoption, new DAPPs being built for the Terra ecosystem and changes so that 100% is getting burnt, then the growth looks set to continue.

9/ Like Terra, Injective is also a blockchain build using the Cosmos SDK but instead of a stablecoin being the centre of the ecosystem, Injective provides a fully decentralised, front-running resistant, order book based DEX to trade any market with zero gas fees.

10/Injective is far bigger than one DEX though, it’s a protocol that will allow anyone to build any type of exchange on top. From Institutional grade to entry level. Whether it be Spot, Derivatives, NFTs, Equities, Commodities, Forex, any market can be traded without restrictions

11/Every 2 weeks 60% of the trading fees across the various pairs for all exchanges are auctioned off. The participants have to bid using $INJ which they have to buy from the market. The winning bid in $INJ is then 100% burned reducing supply and leading to price increase of $INJ

12/ The other 40% is used as incentives to relayers that provide liquidity for the platform and increase volume (and thus the amount of $INJ being burned) creating positive feedback loops as worked so well for Binance.

13/ Full EVM compatibility is is coming for Injective later this year enabling any Ethereum DAPP to easily integrate with Injective to benefit from lightning fast performance, 2 second finality and powerful cross-chain interoperability through IBC as well as bridges to Layer 1s.

14/ Similar to Mirror and Anchor Protocol with Terra, Lending, Savings, Insurance DAPPs and more building on Injective will all create positive feedback loops and incredible network effects and ecosystem around the DEX leading to more $INJ being burned.

15/ Crypto Exchanges saw $4.8 Trillion Spot volume and $5.5 Trillion Derivatives volume in May alone. If Injective Protocol captures just 1% of that it would mean around $185.4 Million of $INJ is burnt every month! See this article for more details about how the buy back and burn mechanism works:

16/ The entire market cap of $INJ is only $300 Million. With potential for such large amounts being continuously bought from the market and burned, each time leading to the supply being drastically reduced which then further amplifies the effect on price for the next buy 2 weeks later

17/ The $INJ buy back and burn mechanism can lead to exponential price rises per $INJ without the market cap increasing that fast due to the potentially enormous amounts of $INJ being burned every 2 weeks. You could even do x100 on your investment and the market cap stay the same

18/ Despite those high figures they are still tiny compared to the other markets Injective is targeting such as the tens of trillions in commodities, $115 trillion equities market, $2.4 Quadrillion forex market.

19/ You don’t need to worry about what happens in a downturn in the markets with $INJ either as regardless of bull or bear market trading on exchanges will always happen, leading to continuous demand for $INJ to be burnt.

20/ With IBC Support providing composable interoperability with other Cosmos zones as well as creating bridges to all the main Layer 1 blockchains, Injective looks set to become not only the main hub in Cosmos but one of the main DeFi hubs for the entire new internet economy

21/ With the first derivatives pair in testing this week and trading limits being lifted whilst in the testing phase then the Buy back and burn of $INJ begins and set to see incredible growth.

Make sure to have a look at this article with an Overview of Injective

This article explaining the Buy Back and Burn Process

And this article explaining the many positive feedback loops that will fuel Injective’s incredible tokenomics


2/ Quant will be providing interopability with other regional networks such as The European Commissions European Blockchain Services Infrastructure and China. Initially consisting of 12 countries using Overledger to create an Interbank Network for payments

3/ The Latin American Dollar will be used for Welfare and Emergency Payments in the Latin American and Caribbean Regions funded through the Inter-American Development Bank.

4/ The Inter-American Development Bank is the largest source of development financing for Latin America and the Caribbean and owned by 48 sovereign states

5/ Future LAChain and Quant use cases can be used for digital identity, certification of professional skills for employment, the incorporation of small producers into agricultural value chains supported by traceability systems, and faster, more targeted access to health services.

6/ The EBSI consists of 29 countries with a network of distributed nodes across Europe to deliver cross-border public services and enhance the way citizens, governments and businesses interact, using blockchain technology with the highest standards of security and privacy

7/ The Scale of these Regional Blockchain Networks is immense and Quant enables scalable interoperability between any blockchain as well as any existing network. You can see a previous thread discussing the scale of these

10/ Combined with the upcoming increase in regulation on stablecoins, this is likely to lead to Commercial Banks and Big Tech offering their own stablecoin, which is backed by a Wholesale CBDC / 100% Central Bank reserves

11/ Quant’s patented Multi-DLT Stablecoin solution enables these to integrate with existing financial networks as well as directly to RTGS systems. Connecting Central Banks and Wholesale to Retail CBDC with a single token.

12/ This enables Banks to use whatever internal Blockchain they would like to use so they retain full control, whilst also being able to then transfer those tokens across any other blockchain (private and permissionless) whilst providing a clear auditable record for regulation

13/ The different Bank blockchains can then settle between them either through existing RTGS systems to through the use of Wholesale CBDCs. Providing much faster and cheaper payments whilst also enabling Central Banks to provide regulatory oversight and better manage risk.

14/ The entire financial system is about to be re-architected and Quant looks set to be a key player in enabling it. The even crazier thing is Finance is just one of many verticals Quant is targeting).

For a complete overview of Quant as well as discussing the token utility make sure to check out this article

For more updates you can follow me at https://twitter.com/CryptoSeq




DLT Enthusiast and Writer. Interoperability is key for DLT to achieve its true potential. Avalanche $AVAX, Injective Protocol $INJ and Quant $QNT

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DLT Enthusiast and Writer. Interoperability is key for DLT to achieve its true potential. Avalanche $AVAX, Injective Protocol $INJ and Quant $QNT

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