Why Quant has the potential to be an incredible long-term investment

1. Token Value beyond Speculation

A look at EY’s formula to derive the valuation of crypto assets and discuss how value can be calculated based on fundamentals — Total Addressable Market Size / Obtainable Market Share for the Product / Service, Token Velocity, Token Supply Metrics, QNT Token Distribution.

2. Token Utility

Details of the QNT Token Utility — Licenses, Overledger Network, Gateways, Platform Fees, Add-On Services, Users licenses, Community Treasury with Layer 2 Payment Channels, Consumption Fees, Marketplaces, Open Source Connectors, Combine any Blockchain and API based system to create new products, Multi-Chain Oracles, Gateway Staking, Signing of Transactions and more.

3. Why Quant has the potential to be an incredible long-term investment (This section)

Summary of why Quant has the potential to be an incredible long-term investment with links to twitter threads for more info as well as related articles. Topics covered include — Market Size Quant is Targeting, Benefits of interoperability compared to other platforms, Partnerships, Meetings and Discussions with Central Banks, Governments, Importance of SIA, Globally recognised Standards, Network of Networks, Building the foundation for a new Internet which is secure and inherently trustworthy, Collab with MIT, US Gov, Intel, Juniper Networks, Payment Companies and Telecoms to create Open Digital Asset Protocol, Token Velocity, Token Supply, The Team, Sustainable Business Model and a Summary.

Market Size

A deeper look into the Quant Network Utility Token (QNT) valuation dynamics and fundamentals
The potential of Quant Network’s technology to capture value from the structural shift in the World’s assets and machine-related data/value transfers and The Money Project

Token Velocity

QNT’s token velocity is reduced from multiple sources outlined below:

  • Annual licenses lock QNT up in payment channels for 12 months. Once the license is renewed QNT is locked for a further 12 months.
  • Trustless layer 2 payment channels provide scalability for transaction fees in QNT, despite it being an ERC20 token, with the vast majority of transactions being performed off chain instantly, with only minimal transactions being done on chain.
  • The payment channels require a lock up of QNT in order to be used. The more QNT locked up and the longer for, the cheaper QNT transaction will be as more transactions are sent off chain. Thus, reducing the token velocity compared to other platforms used for transaction fees and that longer and bigger QNT lockups would be beneficial for the QNT market price.
  • Payment channels are used for payments to gateways to perform tasks, licenses, purchase of MDAPPs, off-chain data feeds, access to APIs etc all contributing to more QNT being locked in payment channels.
  • Gateway Operators will have to lock QNT (Stake) to operate within Overledger Network. The more that is staked the more requests the gateway is authorised to handle.
  • Staking is also required for helping prioritise Gateway operators when there are multiple gateways who can transact the same resources. The Gateways that have staked more QNT with the Treasury, will be ranked in terms of priority by the algorithm to determine who will receive the transaction request.
  • Quant are exploring options with new partners and looking at introducing QNT Staking for Gateway operators to opt-in to a staking service, facilitated by the Treasury to make better use of stationary QNT, where your locked-up license will be able to earn staking rewards facilitated by a regulated 3rd party.
  • The token has all the attributes for an excellent potential store of value and people will be more inclined to hold it, thus reducing token velocity further.

Token Supply

Quant has a very small supply of just 14.6 Million QNT. No new tokens will ever be minted and there is no inflation. The team only hold a small percentage of tokens compared to most projects.

The Team

Gilbert Verdian the CEO — his CV speaks for itself. Having over 20 years of industry experience, he has gained many contacts and understanding of how large companies and governments operate at the highest level. Working for PWC, HSBC, EY and various roles in Government in addition to being part of the committee for the European Commission, US Federal Reserve, and the Bank of England. Before starting Quant, he was the Chief Information Security Officer for Vocalink (Mastercard) where he was in charge of security for the entire payments in the UK managing £6 Trillion per year

Quant’s leadership Team

A Sustainable Business Model

Time and time again we are seeing projects having to cease operations or significantly cut back on staff / costings to try and survive a little longer. Once funds run out from ICO then what’s the plan? Less funds for future development / growth of the platform which in turn has a big impact on investment opportunities.


There isn’t another project that comes close to the tokenomics of Quant, especially at its current market cap of under $200 million, with 2/3 the total supply of Bitcoin and no inflation. Everybody needs interoperability and Quant is working with Central Banks, Governments, Enterprises, some of the largest payment infrastructure networks in the world to re-architect the entire financial system and work in collaboration with MIT, Intel, Juniper Networks, Payment and Telecom companies to build a protocol to be the foundation for the evolution of todays Internet. An Internet which is secure, inherently trustworthy and builds the foundation for the next generation of connected businesses.

“We just recognized that Quant is doing what Ripple promised. Quant and SIA Europe successfully tested cross-blockchain interoperability between multiple Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) protocols on SIA’s inter-bank network, SIAnet. SIA is the backbone for financial institutions, central banks, corporates, and the public sector to process their transactions. It was clear that Quant’s operating system provides the layer for blockchain interoperability in the financial services sector.” Enzo Villani, Managing Partner at Alpha Sigma Capital commented.



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